How Often Can You Get Your Teeth Whitened?

Patients who love the results of their bright new smile often wonder how long they should wait between sessions and if it's safe to repeat the procedure more than once. In our experience, it's completely safe to return for a touch-up or a completely new teeth whitening procedure within four to six months. The frequency of whitening will depend on the initial color of your teeth and your diet. After achieving the desired shade of whiteness, it is important to maintain the results.

Some people require touch-ups once every few months, while others may need more frequent whitening sessions. People who eat foods with coloring agents and smokers are likely to need to have their teeth whitened more often than other people. In the case of in-office discoloration, an annual treatment with in-home touch-ups in between should keep your smile white and bright. It's best to avoid whitening your teeth too often.

Bleaching your teeth too much can cause hypersensitivity problems or even make your teeth look translucent. It's often recommended that you only whiten your teeth, either at home or professionally, once a year. This avoids issues related to sensitivity and helps create a natural-looking smile. The benefit of using professional whitening is that the results usually last for about a year.

When it comes to home kits, such as trays and strips, they work very well when there are only a few shades of stain left to remove. However, deeper discoloration responds better to professional teeth whitening treatment for more dramatic results. If you want to know how often you can whiten your teeth with strips, you might need something stronger. If you are going to buy several home kits and use them one after the other, it's best to have your teeth whitened by a professional.

This is usually a system of strips to take home every 3 to 6 months, or just a few days on whitening trays to brighten your teeth. It can be one hour a day for two weeks straight or overnight for a week, or just one hour in the dentist's office with a professional teeth whitening procedure. If you whiten your teeth all the time and don't see the results you're looking for, ask your dentist about professional in-office whitening treatment. Whether you use commercial whitening strips or a home kit from your dentist, most dental professionals recommend touching up every 3 or 4 months or after every dental cleaning.

Even if you follow the manufacturer's instructions well, you may not know how often you can whiten your teeth with touch up strips.

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