Can You Get Professional Teeth Whitening at Home?

Are you looking for a brighter, whiter smile? Metro East Dental Care's home whitening treatment is a great option for those who want to get professional teeth whitening done without having to visit the dentist. With custom-made trays and the right whitening gel, you can get the same results as in-office whitening treatments in the comfort of your own home. Tray-based whitening is a combination of convenience and strength. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth to create a custom-made tray that fits perfectly to the shape of your mouth.

This ensures that the whitening solution is distributed evenly and efficiently, giving you better results than over-the-counter trays. The whitening gel used in professional home whitening kits is usually carbamide peroxide-based, which is less likely to cause sensitivity if it comes into contact with your gums, cheeks, or tongue. It may not whiten as quickly as hydrogen peroxide-based gel, but it is still effective. At-home whitening products come in a variety of forms, from strips to toothpaste.

Whitening strips are thin sheets of plastic coated with a peroxide-based gel that is applied directly to the teeth. However, some people may have difficulty keeping the strips in place, which can result in uneven whitening or even whitening of the gums around the teeth. Personalized take-home trays are a great option for those who want professional results without having to visit the dentist. You'll receive custom-made trays and additional whitening gel to continue the process at home.

In-office whitening treatments are usually completed in one or two appointments, depending on the severity of the stains and how many shades whiter the teeth may become. The oxygen molecules contained in these whitening agents weaken tooth stains at the molecular level for long-lasting results. However, even if you follow the dentist-recommended regimen of avoiding bright foods, coffee, and wine, your teeth may look a little darker a few days after whitening. Padmaja Yalamanchili in Fairfax, Virginia recommends professional teeth whitening for optimal results.

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