Can Laser Teeth Whitening Damage Your Teeth?

Laser teeth whitening is a popular procedure these days, and it has been approved by the ADA (American Dental Association). Despite this, there are still debates about the exposure of teeth to the laser beam, with some arguing that it can erode tooth enamel and affect dental pulp. Fortunately, the only side effect of Zoom laser teeth whitening is mild tooth sensitivity, which usually resolves on its own after a few days. If you're looking to brighten your teeth without using invasive procedures, there are numerous options available, including laser teeth whitening. This procedure is done in the dentist's office and involves applying a whitening solution to each tooth.

The heat generated by the laser is low enough that it won't damage your teeth, but it helps to speed up the whitening process. The degree of effectiveness of laser teeth whitening will depend on several factors. However, your dentist will take protective measures for your smile before and during the procedure. After the treatment is complete, some patients may experience some tooth sensitivity. The effects of laser teeth whitening are long lasting compared to other methods such as whitening toothpaste and strips. It is also a completely painless procedure, making it a great choice for those who want to whiten their teeth without any discomfort.

Laser teeth whitening involves applying a whitening gel that is activated by laser radiation. Many dentists offer laser teeth whitening services and you don't even need to see a cosmetic dentist. It has been proven to be a safe and effective procedure for whitening teeth, offering whiter, brighter, and more durable results than store-bought products.

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