Can You Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened More Than Once?

Professional teeth whitening treatments are generally not recommended more than once a year. These treatments involve the use of powerful whitening agents, and exaggerating them can cause permanent damage to the enamel. Dentists usually suggest professional teeth whitening once a year or every 18 months, depending on the duration of the results. Home kits can be used up to once every four to six months, but the results of take-home whitening kits or store-bought whitening strips don't last as long.

It is important not to whiten your teeth more often than recommended by the dentist, as it can damage the enamel and irritate the gums, especially if the whitening agent isn't applied correctly. The frequency of teeth whitening will depend on the initial color of your teeth and your diet. After achieving the desired shade of whiteness, it is important to maintain the results. Some people require touch-ups once every few months, while others may need more frequent whitening sessions.

People who eat foods with coloring agents and smokers are likely to need to have their teeth whitened more often than others. In the case of in-office discoloration, an annual treatment with in-home touch-ups in between should keep your smile white and bright. Professional teeth whitening is recommended once a year, although you may want to do touch-ups throughout the year. This allows teeth to remain consistently bright and white, as most people notice that stains and discoloration return approximately one year after their previous teeth whitening.

If you notice that your teeth have significant stains before your annual teeth whitening, you may need to adjust your diet or oral habits to help prevent tooth stains. Here are some tips for keeping your smile whiter for longer after in-office teeth whitening treatment: visit your dentist regularly for check-ups; avoid foods and drinks that stain; use a toothpaste with whitening properties; and invest in a good quality home whitening kit. You're unlikely to find products that have been clinically proven to whiten your teeth for less than a hundred pounds. This means that even if your teeth are heavily discolored, they should look much whiter than average after properly administered teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening can help get rid of age-related stains, as it can whiten the enamel surrounding the darkened dentin. If you want a smile you can trust, get professional teeth whitening from a trusted Calgary dentist. If you ensure that your teeth whitening is administered by a dental professional who uses the right products and is regularly monitored throughout the process, the chances of causing damage to your teeth and gums are next to none. That said, you shouldn't have a total teeth whitening treatment more than once a year if you use teeth whitening gels with 10% or more carbon peroxide (3% or more hydrogen peroxide).

There have been reports of unbearable pain and permanent damage to the teeth after poorly managed teeth whitening. However, we suggest that a visit to the hygienist is a more cost-effective way to whiten your teeth. Professional teeth whitening in the dentist's office takes less than an hour in some cases and isn't invasive, so if your teeth have been discolored due to trauma or long-term exposure to tobacco or certain foods, it could be the perfect solution for you.

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