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There are a number of different options when it comes to dental insurance, and typical dental insurance has been in place for years. In order to cover the growing costs of dental preventative measures and treatment, insurance can be a safe option that can cover you from routine checkups to emergency treatment.

Typical dental insurance plans work by charging you a fixed monthly fee. For this insurance payment you will be covered for a certain treatment amount. Most plans cover upwards of £1000, though some may not cover checkups and they will all have different terms.

Our Recommended Dental Insurance Provider...

Provider Rating Plans From Checkups, Fillings etc Disease & Emergencies Additional Benefits
4 £7.50 Cover can include upto 4 children*

5 reasons why recommends simplyhealth...

1. Cover starts from just £7.50 per month! (equivalent of £1.73 per week)
2. 100% cash back upto your annual limit for routine care such as check ups, hygiene treatments and x-rays as an NHS patient!
3. Cash back towards dental treatments such as fillings, bridges and crowns!
4. Fantastic hospital benefit of £50 per night!
5. 2 Months Off!

Other dental insurance providers...

Provider Rating Plans From Checkups, Fillings etc Disease & Emergencies Additional Benefits Telephone
Swinton 2 £9.95 Hospital Benefit £28pn* 08001382412
DenCover unrated 1 £6.99 Covers everyone to 65 08442880012
DenCap 3 £18.00 Worldwide Treatment 01482501010
DenPlan 8 Variable Supplementary Insurance 0800401402
Simplyhealth 4 £7.50 Listed above 08009807890
Boots 2 Unknown Unknown 08458401111
*pn refers to per night.

Dental insurance is offered by a wide range of insurance providers, and can help take the worry away from paying dental costs. You will simply choose a plan that's right for you and will know from there on in (a) how much you have to pay for your dental treatment each month, and (b) that you will be covered for any treatment you need (within your policy limit).

As with any kind of insurance, there are a number of different policies available, all with different terms, different costs, and different treatment limits. The internet is a great place to find and research on the top dental insurance plans and to compare dental insurance. Simply browse for a comprehensive guide to what you can expect from dental insurance, and how much dental treatments are likely to cost. And finally, visit one of our recommended providers below to get dental insurance today!

Dental care means taking good care of your teeth and structures in the mouth. Maintaining good dental care could mean the prevention of disease and avoiding costly treatments. However, when a problem does occur with our teeth or gums, proper dental care is an absolute must when it comes to keeping healthy.

Whilst none of us will deny the importance of good dental care, it can often prove costly and inconvenient. The dental system in the UK has recently seen a number of important contractual changes when it comes to the way the NHS dental system works. More and more dentists have been leaving NHS practices, making it even harder to find treatment nearby when we desperately need it.

This increasingly inconvenient situation has led to many of us considering private treatment - which can be costly to say the least.

Even if you can find a suitable NHS dentist, unless you are on a low income, are a pregnant woman or are under 18, you will still be expected to pay for treatments up to a maximum of £198. For private care, this is often at least double.

Dental insurance has proven the only way for many to pay for the treatment they really deserve.

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