Dental Insurance Savings

dental insurance savingsAs with any insurance policy, you will not be guaranteed to save money with dental insurance. You never know when dental problems may occur, or how many treatments you are likely to need during the course of your dental cover.

Will Dental Insurance Save Me Money?

If you end up not needing any treatment then it goes without saying that you will be overpaying. However, those who find it hard to get an NHS dentist, or who need regular treatments, will usually end up saving money on a dental insurance plan.

Your chances of saving money from dental insurance are greatly increased by taking your time to find the best dental treatment plan available for you. For example, you could go for a basic NHS plan, or an expensive private dental insurance plan.

Savings for Those With Medium Treatments

When it comes to those who only have two check-up a year, costing around £32, it is unlikely that you will be able to save money even with the cheapest dental insurance plan. However, many of us will have at least six-monthly check-ups alongside some basic treatments – increasing the chance that dental insurance is going to save you money.

If you have medium dental treatments each year, which includes your checkups but also some treatment, then you are highly likely to save money when taking out a basic and cheap monthly dental plan. These savings will usually be increased if you take out a couple or family plan. However, you will probably overpay when on the most expensive dental plans.

More Heavy Dental Treatments

When you start needing heavier dental treatments you are quickly going to see your costs rise into the hundreds – even for NHS care! If you are unable to get NHS dental care then your costs will be increased even more, and you are likely to save on more expensive plans. For those who need very expensive treatments, the cheapest dental plans may be unable to cover them – which is why it’s important to check all of the terms carefully before signing up.

NHS Vs. Private Care

The savings you will experience of course depend upon whether you would usually go for NHS or private treatment. Whilst NHS treatment is a lot cheaper, it is often difficult to arrange and can involve waiting list. If you go for a dental plan that covers private treatment, then you should also factor in the savings in terms of time and convenience of using a private dentist.


There is no rule for knowing for certain whether dental insurance is going to cost you money or save you money. You will need to use your own judgement when it comes to estimating how much you use the dentist, based on past problems or on your current dental health. It also pays to spend time researching various policy terms and options before making your decision.

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