Family Dental Insurance

family dental insuranceDental insurance for individuals is a great way to save on dental costs, but families have financial burdens which mean that more cost-effective options are necessary. This is where dental insurance for families comes in, as it can offer complete benefits for families as well as couples who want to be covered completely for dental care.

Why Should Families Get Dental Insurance?

The cost of dental treatment has increased in recent years. Since the changes to the NHS pricing system in 2006, the price for a check-up more than doubled and more complicated treatments could cost up to £198 – if you are lucky enough to get hold of an NHS dentist.

For many families the reality is that they must go private in order to get the treatment they need without sitting on a waiting list for months. For many, the worry of the cost deters families from visiting the dentist at all. However, this can lead to a number of problems going unnoticed, making treatment more difficult and more costly in the future.

When it comes to children oral hygiene is absolutely essential. And in the case of adults, regular checkups are important as a way of avoiding potential problems, including gum disease which has been linked to a number of more serious conditions.

What Does Family Dental Insurance Cover?

Insurance companies vary widely when it comes to family cover, as they do with individual plans. In general they will include a couple and up to four children, for a greatly reduced fee than buying all insurance policies separately. Children will usually need to be under 18 in order to be considered for a family dental insurance policy.

When signing up for a family insurance policy it’s important to look at what treatments they cover. It is generally advisable to go for a general check-up at least twice a year, and most basic policies will cover this. You will usually also be covered for any dental emergencies, accidents, and treatments required for your health.

Children can often have many dental needs, including tooth extraction, cavities and fillings. Dental insurance can hugely reduce the cost of these treatments, which will cost at least £46.50 on the NHS and more than double that with a private practice – for each individual treatment.

Do I Need Family Dental Insurance?

If your family is on a very low income then you may all be eligible for free dental care on the NHS. Children under 18 are also eligible for free dental treatment on the NHS. However, more and more dentists have left the NHS in recent years making it hard for families and individuals to find an NHS dentist who is willing to treat them.

If you are using a private surgery then you will benefit from a family dental plan. It is important to find the right cover for you, and they can cost as little as around £10 a week.

You have other options when it comes to dental fees, including saving and paying for your own treatments, or opting from a payment plan at your individual dental surgery. However, in general you will find that dental insurance for families can cut the cost while allowing flexibility when it comes to where you can be treated.

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