Levels of Dental Cover

dental coverNHS dental treatment can be the cheapest cover, however not always the best choice. Only those on very low income, pregnant women, and children are eligible for free treatment on the NHS. However, even if you are not eligible you will still find that NHS treatment costs are far lower than those offered by private dental practices.

There are a number of dental insurance plans that will only cover you for treatments with an NHS dentist, rather than allowing you to go private. These plans are best for those who are sure that they can get hold of an NHS dentist in their area. More and more dentists are choosing not to treat NHS patients, so it may take a little research and asking around before you find an NHS dentist in your area.

The good thing about these policies is that they can be very cost effective, often costing less than £10 a month, and can cover you for NHS treatment options. This cost will be reduced further when taking out a plan for couples or families.

The major drawback to these basic insurance policies is that they may only have a limit of a few hundred pounds a year when it comes to dental emergencies, and they will not apply to treatments offered by your dentist that go beyond NHS care.

Private Dental Cover

If you already attend a private dentist, or want the convenience of going private for some of your treatments, then there are suitable dental plans available costing slightly more than the basic NHS plans. It is impossible to state a fixed amount for how much these plans will cost, but they can often be double that of basic plans, or more, depending on our annual treatment limits.

This kind of plan will usually cover you for a much wider range of treatments and procedures than a basic dental insurance plan. Your annual value is typically a lot higher, and if you do choose to get some treatments on the NHS these are often also covered.

Checking Your Plan Terms Carefully

It is important to check the terms of your plan carefully, as each one will differ. Some important areas to consider are:

  • The cost of your plan per month.
  • How much it will cost to add a partner or your family to the plan (bear in mind that children under 18 are already free on the NHS).
  • How much is covered for dental emergencies.
  • What the annual limit is for dental treatment.
  • Whether the plan includes regular checkups.


The internet is often the best place to go to research your dental treatment options. The terms you will need vary from person to person, so take the time to read them carefully finding a limit that suits you alongside a monthly payment that you can afford.

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