Dental Insurance For Companies

company dental insuranceWhen it comes to dental treatments there are a number of businesses who wish to offer their employees the peace of mind and bonus of knowing that their health will be covered. The problem of being unable to find an NHS dentist is all too common, which is why many businesses decide to provide dental insurance as an employee benefit.

What Does Dental Insurance for Business Cover?

When it comes to dental insurance for businesses there is a wide variety in the different policies on offer, just as there is with any individual dental insurance plan.

The good news is that there is a large choice when it comes to the level of dental cover that you wish to offer your employees. This might range from simple cover in emergency situations to cover that is more comprehensive and pays for a large number of treatments each year. In general the more you pay for your policy, the higher the cover will be.

Why Should Companies Consider Dental Insurance?

Most companies do not factor in dental health of employees as part of their business plan. However, with dental costs on the rise more and more people are now avoiding routine checkups and are avoiding getting problems checked until they have already developed. By this time, treatment is a lot more time consuming and costly. Not only will it cost your employees, but it will cost you in terms of time they are away for treatment.

Furthermore, dental insurance is a good way of taking care of the wellbeing of your staff. During tough economic times, something like dental insurance can do a lot for the way your employees view working with you.

What Kind of Companies Get Dental Insurance?

Company dental insurance policies are designed for business of all sizes. However, some policies and unique benefits will only be available for companies who hire a certain number of employees. For example, you may only be eligible for a large business discount if you have 100 or more employees.

Who Pays for the Dental Plan?

There are different payment options when it comes to company dental insurance. Many are provided as a bonus for employees and as such as paid by the company. However, there is also the option of offering employees the choice of whether to pay into their own cover fund. Usually this will be taken as a deduction from the employee’s salary, though payments can also be made direct.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is a wide range in what is covered as part of a business dental insurance plan, and the more cover you get the more the monthly premium will be.

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