Benefits of Dental Insurance

dental insuranceThere are a number of benefits when you choose to opt for dental insurance, rather than paying as and when you receive treatment. Whether you opt for private or NHS dental insurance, here are a few of the benefits you should expect.

NHS Dental Insurance

When it comes to choosing your dental insurance there are two main types of option. If your dental health is generally very good then you will usually opt for an affordable plan, with minimal monthly payments. These plans may include your regular dental checkups, basic treatment and teeth cleaning.

Basic dental insurance plans are usually available to those who use NHS dental services. With costs for basic NHS treatments rising all the time, this insurance will reimburse you each and every time you make a payment to your dentist.

When it comes to eligibility to receive free dental treatment on the NHS it is unlikely your treatments will be funded by the government. Unless you are under the age of 18 or are under the government’s low income guidelines, you could find it hard to meet the costs of even basic checkups which come in at around £16 a time.

Spreading the Cost of Your Treatments

If you generally need more treatment when it comes to dental care then you could opt for a more expensive plan that can protect against procedures that could cost thousands of pounds. These can also cover private treatments, and are especially useful in protecting against surgery that could otherwise cost thousands of pounds.

Whether you are with a private or NHS dentist, costs can add up – especially in the case of emergency treatments. Budgeting for these expensive treatments, especially if you don’t know they are going to be needed, can be extremely difficult and put a huge financial strain on families. Dental insurance means that you will know exactly how much you are expected to pay each and every month.

Get Regular Dental Checkups

Many of us avoid going to the dentist, simply because we do not want to pay the fees. Avoiding the dentist, however, often leads to worse problems down the line. Dental health can be as crucial to our overall health as any other kind of medical treatment, and with dental insurance you can visit the dentist at the recommended 6 months intervals to help prevent problems in the future.

Not only will these regular checkups help to avoid the cost of costly treatments down the line, by spotting problems early you will also be able to avoid any unhealthy or uncomfortable problems.

Saving Money

Not only is dental insurance more affordable simply down to the fact that costs are spread across many months, many families will also find that dental insurance saves them money in the long run. If you ever have to have treatment that would have otherwise cost thousands of pounds, your dental insurance will have it covered even when you have only been paying £20 a month!

No Teeth Check

One of the huge benefits of choosing a simple dental insurance policy over other dental plans is that you will not need to get your teeth checked before you are eligible. Other payment plans will put your price up if your teeth are generally in a worse condition – with dental insurance you can simply sign up without this check-up!


If you are on a very low income then the chances are that your NHS dental treatment will already be covered by the government. However, dental insurance is the best way for middle income families to get peace of mind when it comes to preventing any major dental problems.

When choosing your dental insurance plan, be sure to have all these benefits in mind. Read the small print and terms of the plan carefully to ensure you know exactly what to expect.

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