Alternatives to Dental Insurance

There is nothing to say that you have to get dental insurance, or that it will necessarily be the best option for you. While private or NHS dental plans can be a great way of saving money, here are your other options when it comes to paying for dental treatment.

Pay When You Need Treatment

This is the option that many of us opt for: simply pay ourselves as and when the need for treatment arises. This is best for those of us that have limited problems, though about three-quarters of all private dental patients pay in this way.

The main problem with this method is that private dental treatment is not cheap. Even a routine check-up could cost over £60, and with the NHS this treatment is still going to cost around £16. Should you need any treatment, costs can quickly add up to hundreds of pounds.

If you are likely to need regular checkups and dental treatments then you will probably save more money by opting for dental insurance. If you are ever hit with huge bills that you cannot pay, this could lead to your compromising your health.

A Healthcare Cash Plan

A healthcare cash plan can cover many of the costs of private dental treatment. These kinds of plans are insurance policies that cover a wide range of healthcare costs through a monthly payment. When you incur healthcare costs you will need to pay for the treatment yourself, after which you can claim a percentage back from your plan – depending on the maximum coverage.

Each healthcare cash plan will differ as to what is covered and the maximum you can claim for treatment. These kind of plans are useful as they can cover treatments from dental care to eye care, physiotherapy and other hospital care. These plans are best taken by those who will be spending money on other healthcare treatments as well as their dental care.


This is simply a way of making sure you save the money you need, without going through an insurance provider. Say you would have typically spent £15 a month on your dental cover. You could, instead, choose to put this into a high-interest savings account, from which you will withdraw if an expensive treatment arises.

The major benefit to this option is that you get to keep all of the money if you don’t need treatment. However, you will be running the risk of not having saved enough when an expensive treatment need arises.

Opting for Treatment Abroad

If the need comes up for major treatment that could cost you thousands of pounds then it may be cheaper simply to get the treatment done abroad. There are a number of resources that can help you find treatment abroad, saving you money and including the price of the flight. However, this may take a little extra work and research, and will not be suitable for regular, smaller treatments.

Getting Coverage Through Your Dentist

There are now a number of dentists who offer plans that can help you to spread out the cost of your dental care. When you opt for one of these dental plans you will need to get your teeth inspected, after which you will be placed into a category. Generally speaking, the worse your dental health the more expensive your dental plan is going to be.

If your teeth are in bad condition then you will generally be in a better position with dental insurance. Another drawback to using these plans is that you will be tied to that dentist, and will pay the same cost each year no matter what treatment you end up receiving.

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