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DentalBuddy.co.uk is a fresh, exciting website providing up-to-date, accurate information on dental insurance for UK residents.

DentalBuddy.co.uk offers users relevant information on dental insurance, dental plans and dental policies for individuals, families and companies. DentalBuddy.co.uk also compares dental insurance plans readily available online to assist users with finding the best dental insurance company for them.

DentalBuddy.co.uk is a completely free dental insurance comparison service where users can compare dental insurance and read about dental insurance providers. Errors and omissions may apply and DentalBuddy.co.uk or any associated parties will not be held responsible. Please refer to your chosen dental insurer’s website for the most accurate information relating to their dental plans.

The ratings on DentalBuddy.co.uk are simply based on how easy it was for us to collate and provide you with accurate information relating to their dental insurance plans, how competative their prices are and what additional benefits they offer.

DentalBuddy.co.uk is part of Ethan Hardy Ltd, a UK based website investments company.

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